Dakota Dean

“I absolutely hate rules. So, as a child, my passions derived from mischievous attempts at breaking every single one of them… And I never really grew out of that.  When I paint, It’s the same passion that drives me.  I like reminding us all that we can each be an exception to the rules. We just need to give ourselves permission.  I say we should all make our own rules, live life on our own terms, and stand up when we have something to say.”

-Dakota Dean

Using spray paint and hand-cut stencils, Dakota Dean’s provocatively bold and vibrant works share a counter-cultural message of independence and freedom of thought. Dakota was born and raised in a small town outside of Provo, Utah. In 2012 he moved to Seattle, WA.  A few years later he found immense delight in that special *rattle-click-rattle-click* noise, which you can only get when you shake a can of spray paint.

Web:  www.ArtByDakotaDean.com
Instagram:  @ArtByDakotaDean
Facebook: @ArtByDakotaDean

Dakota Dean is represented by Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, Washington.  For more information, please visit:



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