Art is Life...

Carole Weaks

Lovely Mabe Pearl Wrapped in Gold Filled Wire and Hanging from a Gold Plated Mesh Chain - Handmade in the USA

I love creating! I believe I was born to create and to make this world a more beautiful place by my having been here! When I am creating I am one with my Creator, and I forget to eat, drink, sleep, or even go to bed. Best of all, I don’t feel any pain in my body for as long as I am creating. Doing my art is healing for my body and for my creative soul! For me Art is Life! It healed my body, and my mind, and it has given me a life I never could have imagined. 

I started out as a painter, 25 years ago, and was in galleries in Southern Coastal California. I was good at painting, but always struggled, and found it difficult. I found my creativity was stifled by the demands of the galleries. In a short while I found it difficult to even pick up my brush. Most importantly, I had discovered that I really was an artist for having achieved what I did with my artwork! Plus, I knew how connected to Creator I felt when I was creating.

I have always loved stones and collected them from all over the world to put on my rock altars inside my house. I find that now, working with stones is soothing. Because they are of the Earth, stones help me to feel one with the Earth, and my Creator. It fills me up to overflowing. A few years ago, I decided to put my love of stones together with my internal “fashionista,” that has always been there. I started to create my new art--jewelry made from unusual, rare and beautiful stones and artifacts. To make them into wearable art, I had to learn how to cut, design and polish the stones and how to sculpt and weave chains with wire, solder, and do all kinds of metalsmithing, in order to complete the pieces. 

Many of my friends and customers call me “The Stone Whisperer.” They gave me that name because as I work with the stones, they seem to talk to me and tell me how they want to be used. I love making pieces that tell a story, for it is in the stories that we connect. Doing my art makes me feel so alive! When I see the joy people get from what I make, I feel very happy and fulfilled! 

Because the earth is my partner, and most of the things I use in my jewelry come from the earth, I decided to call my business Earth Designs Jewelry, featuring CarolesArt! This is how I make the world a more beautiful place with Earth as my partner. Everything I make in my shop is hand made in America by me!

Welcome to my Art! Come and listen to the quiet whisper of the stones! And if you listen carefully you may hear one calling to you!


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